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Our Project Portfolio

Take a glimpse of some projects we have accomplished.


TT Logistics & Cargo + AVS Cargo Management Services

International Airline Cargo Transit Automation

  • Cloud Platform for Ground Handling Agents of International Airlines can manage the transit of cargo for their customers
  • A complete cloud-based solution working in real time user interaction
  • Works with multiple geographical locations / airports
  • Cargo shipment tracking, monitoring, accounting, invoicing, reporting, approval based movement, attention and signalling
  • Real-time E-invoicing with GST portal
  • Role Based Access
  • Administrator managed
  • White Label and works with multi-currency

TT Logistics & Cargo

Real-Time Automation for Export Cargo Management

  • A web based ERP solution for managing centralized process by a GHA for a Fortune 200 cargo airline.
  • A real-time communication based solution using sockets to make instant availability of change in information for users to take prompt actions.
  • It involves participation from
    • Management teams seeking reports,
    • team leads and associates managing the cargo checks and clearances,
    • finance team managing the charges,
    • reservation teams performing bookings,
    • recovery teams managing transit of cargo to its destination,
    • airport teams handling physical cargo and others.
  • The solution as well the user interface is designed and perceived by Mobigic.
  • The solution is based on NodeJS + ReactJS + MongoDB
  • Completely hosted on cloud, integrated with email for to and fro communication.
  • It also houses the resolution for complaints/queries from customers.
  • Manages cargo claims automation for approvals.




Sales Genie 2.0

  • Cross platform mobile application developed using React-Native
  • The application is integrated with SalesForce and its objects.
  • Sales Genie 2.0 is used by Sales Consultant for its customers engagement.
  • The solution works online as well as offline.
  • Conducts test drive with the customer with live tracking experience.


Dvara Smart Gold

  • India's 1st Phygital Systematic Gold savings platform
  • Developed using Flutter for Android and iOS
  • Enables user to buy/sell gold virtually as per his comfort 24x7 using mobile application.
  • The applicable rates are refreshed every 5 mins as per the market conditions.
  • ISO-27001 certified standards*
  • Other features are Systematic Investment Plans, Buy gold jewellery, Gold gifting, Locker Balance, Availing Loan in real-time.



Mobigic Technologies

Order Booking Platform

  • The objective of this platform is to Digitally Transform your order management activities using Mobile Applications.
  • Register yourself as Business Owner (Merchant)
  • Build the catalogue of your products and services
  • Define the Workflow for your customer to book and manage orders
  • Define Action Flow for your order fulfilment executive application
  • Start taking and fulfilling customer orders digitally through Android Mobile Applications in 24 Hrs
  • Everything is on a Monthly rental model and managed by Mobigic Technologies
  • Implemented using NodeJS & MongoDB

Sumangal Press

Kalnirnay Mobile Application

  • Indian Almanac calendar based application in English, Hindi,Marathi and Gujarati
  • The application serves as true replica of the print version of the calendar
  • This digital calendar allows user to set reminder as well as add notes for the reminder, view horoscope, share events
  • The application shows localized astronomical timings for preciseness
  • The application is capable to update itself with corrected/new information from the backend



SBI Employees Co-Operative Credit Society

SBI MS Patel - MyMSP

  • With MyMSP, all the registered users of SBI MS Patel credit society have access to their profile, various accounts, details of the transactions under those accounts, balances, loans, Fixed deposits, surety holders, booking holiday homes
  • The admin manages the user access
  • The system is built with maker-checker principle to ensure that any change in the data is cross validated before it is made available to the users.
  • The system consists of mobile applications and admin web portal
  • Implemented using Flutter and NodeJS + ReactJS + MongoDB

Godrej Securities

Attendance and Sales capture

  • Mobile Application enhances the on premise sale of their products
  • Manage the sales representatives, Geo-Lock their territory of operations, obtains their attendance (geo + phone based check-in/check-out), sale date capture, enquiry capture
  • Dynamic data allocation to the teams according to hierarch and the geographical area
  • The system has role based access and consists of mobile application and admin web portal
  • Implemented using Flutter and NodeJS + ReactJS + MongoDB



Globe Tele Services


  • Development of White label VoIP client application based on PJSIP
  • Complete integrated solution involving voice based one-to-one, group calling
  • Supports simultaneous multiple account registration
  • Supported G.729 Codec, STUN, ICE, TURN configuration for users
  • A full-fledged integrated dialler that works flawlessly with native contacts, call history for Android & iOS

JOIO Social labs

UI widgets and UI interactions

  • Development of complex UI widgets and UI interactions
  • Implementation of mix media in a single user article
  • User can create private groups with members of his choice, and can invite members to his group
  • Tags of only friends and friend of friends in a given group chain can be visible there by maintaining privacy
  • Tags contains public, private and treasure (pin enabled) sections for media accessibility



Mike Robotics

Mike Messenger

  • Developed the core structure for the messaging & video chat platform for Android
  • Developed smart chat components on the above chat platform with Ola, BookMyShow & Zomato
  • Backend server integration with QuickBlox

Podium Labs

Advertisement Kiosk

  • Implementation of UI for video playing.
  • Enhanced user experience with animations



BMC Group

Startupwala App

  • Complete replica of the website
  • Providing services to potential customers
  • Form submission integrated with salesforce
  • Online payment for various services
  • Live updates about the status of subscribed services via push notification

IAM Technology Group

ADFS 2.0 Auth

  • Developed authentication library for Android & iOS
  • Library can be integrated with the applications which intent to work with IAmCloud aggregator solution
  • Library ensures that the user is logged in with right credentials and its token is refreshed on timely manner



Sumangal Press

Kalnirnay Rashibhavishya

  • An app first of its kind that works on lunar zodiac signs
  • Developed the application having portal to enter the horoscope in advance
  • The portal and application in tandem works to show the user appropriate horoscope based on current date
  • Implemented the algorithm to calculate the lunar zodiac sign using date of birth, time, location, and there by calculate position of moon
  • The app received unprecedented downloads and positive review

Godrej Securities

Godrej Securities Kiosk Portal

  • Godrej Securities info/kiosk portal
  • The portal has web end for administrator to edit the content
  • There exist a kiosk solution that executes independently on every store on a kiosk
  • The kiosk solution at the store provides up-to date information about the products
  • The kiosk solution is capable of syncing with the main portal for information/content updates
  • The kiosk solution can execute without an internet (truly offline mode)
  • Kiosk solution is OS independent



Afia Oil

Customer Engagement Application

  • This application is managed privately by the customer for their events
  • The solution is for customer engagement where a customer enters his details, plays one of the pre-defined game at randomly chosen with a count-down timer & it shows the score
  • The application executes in a continuous loop of one game after another and is integrated with various animations, sounds & graphics to keep the customer engaged.

Mobond Pvt Ltd + BEST

City Bus Booking

  • Conceptualized a sustainable platform for reservation of bus seats for different operators in a city
  • The platform works on Operator-Aggregator model having one mobile interface for all the customers.
  • Currently developing all the components of the bus booking system (operator, aggregator and mobile app)